It’s Moving Day….

Dear Readers, I have at last been able to get my new URL functioning. Please “shift” (India style) to my new home…. You will find a surprise awaiting you…. Sincerely, Pamela Day

A Day In The Life…..

As we continued to “shift” our belongings to the newly dried house, the workers continued to put the finishing touches on the house. Sylvia’s kitchen was still in progress but she began to prepare meals there. I was glad we had a space of our own now….my room, even though the windows were only bars […]

A Bible-Size Miracle

The more I learned about Rejerla,  how God had raised up this incredible work through Jaideep and Sylvia, the more I began to see the power of God in operation in what was loving called “the campus.” A literal, Bible-level miracle occurred just the year before I arrived. Dr. Mukherji told me the story about […]

“Vee Villy Vinkie…”

The first thing I had to get used to in my Indian education was the stifling heat and humidity. It was affecting me every hour of the day and night for most of my stay there. I discovered that my American summer clothes were not adequate. The synthetic fibers held the heat and moisture in […]

A Rose By Any Other Name….

We drove across the dirt lot where the New Song School was located. I was so excited to see it. I had heard so much about it from my pastor’s previous trips. As we drove on, we drove by some huge structure to my right which looked like something was being newly constructed of cement. […]

A Slight Delay…

Due to a family celebration, the post for this week is being postponed until Monday evening due to the fact that I am traveling. Thank you for your patience……. Pamela

“….And No Spiders!”

Just after I put up my post last week, I was delighted to see that a long-time American missionary friend I had met on my first trip to India had written about her “entry” into a whole, ‘nuther world….India. I happened to see it on Facebook and was delighted. Having her permission to republish it, […]