A Rose By Any Other Name….

We drove across the dirt lot where the New Song School was located. I was so excited to see it. I had heard so much about it from my pastor’s previous trips. As we drove on, we drove by some huge structure to my right which looked like something was being newly constructed of cement. […]

A Slight Delay…

Due to a family celebration, the post for this week is being postponed until Monday evening due to the fact that I am traveling. Thank you for your patience……. Pamela

“….And No Spiders!”

Just after I put up my post last week, I was delighted to see that a long-time American missionary friend I had met on my first trip to India had written about her “entry” into a whole, ‘nuther world….India. I happened to see it on Facebook and was delighted. Having her permission to republish it, […]

The Bumpy Road to Rejerla…

On the Bumpy Road to Rejerla… Jaideep and I headed out in the bright, early morning sunshine in the Crown Victoria across the enormous city of Hyderabad. A world of new sights, sounds and odors awaited me…. I was to begin to truly discover how very ancient India is by modern day standards. The first […]

Ready To Live In India At Last!

Dear Reader: It is my desire to insert pictures in my text. However, at this moment, I just discovered I need to be on just a little bit of a different type of blogging site in order to do that, Everyday is a new learning experience on Google!. It is going to take me a […]

To Mumbai (Bombay) and Beyond…

Flying toward Mumbai, its original name being Bombay, I watched the map on the small, TV screen mounted in the seat in front of me, showing the progress of our flight. I was a bit alarmed, having lived through the Vietnam era, to notice we would be flying directly over Hanoi. My heart skipped a […]

Be Still, O My Seoul…

After hours and hours of sitting in the same seat for what seemed like an eternity, squished between two other people, being fed at least seven or eight times during this first flight, I, at last, landed at the Incheon Airport in Seoul, Korea. I was completely disoriented for a little while. It was 7:30 […]